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à descoberta do nosso mundo

Dom | 02.04.17

To my dog


 The years keep going,and you don't realize. 

The dog that once was chasing you while you were playing on a toy car,is now sitting in front of you. You're all grown up.

Meanwhile,the clock is ticking,like if it wanted you to always notice that,every second,everything around you gets older.

Your loyal and graceful four-paws friend is now taking  nap against the  washing machine with her eyes closed,her nose touched by the sunbeams that pass through the window and light up her essence. 

When she starts falling asleep,she begins to lean like the tower of Pisa. Suddenly,wakes up and goes back to the sitting position.

She has watched you grow,like the petals in a flower. She has watched you study,laugh,cry,dance,sing,shout.

In this exact moment,your dog is right next to you,staring at you with her big,yellow,brown and orange eyes,who scream nothing but love. The most pure and beautiful one.

I looked at her,with an expression of "thank you for being here all these years,love you" and pet her.

We have humans rambling about loyalty,friendship,caring. they really know what those things are?