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à descoberta do nosso mundo

Seg | 14.08.17

Like the summer breeze | ENG

"What does it feel like to be creative?" - I heard in one of the messy heads youtube videos.

To create. I think nowadays people stick to the plan too much. Don't get me wrong,planning stuff is good,but... I'll give you an example.

So,I'm 14 years old,and in the future I'll go to college and become a engineer,work,buy a house,marry and have kids"




Having a daily routine is great, but please,don't turn yourself into a robot. Set your goals,achieve them. However,don't forget to be happy and,if you like,to create. 

Go out and explore the city you live in. Bring your camera,phone,notebook,sketchbook,it doesn't matter. Be a tourist in your own city,try seeing it with different eyes. Discover new places,enjoy the little moments.

Stormy weather? Can't go out? Fine. Sit in a chair or sofa,grab a cup of tea and enjoy the glugga-vedur (and Icelandic word that means window weather - Weather which is nice to look at through a window,but not nice to be out in * Thanks,Didda! *) . 

So,go with the flow. Appreciate the smell of the flowers and what it feels like to have the sea touching your skin. 

It's like the summer breeze: Be calm,warm and touch everything you love. 

Then,you'll feel inspired to create and achieve anything you dream.