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Life in...VENICE | Grace Mazh

Bem-vindos à minha nova rúbrica " Life in...".
Todos os meses eu vos trarei uma entrevista com pessoas de diferentes partes do mundo,que vos dirão como é viver na cidade onde se encontram. Cool,hã?
A entrevista deste mês viajou de Veneza a Portugal. Meus queridos leitores,apresento-vos uma das pessoas que mais admiro no mundo do Youtube: Grace mzz.

Grace Mzz é uma youtuber italiana com um estilo próprio,transmitindo uma vibração vintage em cada vídeo que cria.
Vive numa das cidades mais bonitas do mundo : Veneza,em Itália.
Por isso,pedi-lhe para fazer parte desta série de posts,o que Grace aceitou com muito gosto.
Obrigada :D

Portanto,e sem mais demoras,aqui se coloca a pergunta: Grace,como é viver em Veneza?




grace 1.PNG

What's the thing you love the most about Venice?
I like the colors of the houses. Venice is a reddish / pinkish city. I also like the fact that on clear days you can see the mountains behind the city. So you have three things: lagoon, city, and mountains.

grace 4.PNG


How's the environment in the city?
Not great. I'd say Venice is a dirty city. The streets are mostly very narrow, and there are millions of people and tourists walking by everyday. Trash bins are sparse. The houses are falling to bits, and the fact that there isn't much grass or nature anywhere, leaves you with the smell of dog pee (yikes). As for the lagoon, it could definitely be kept better. You occasionally see trash like water bottles and such floating around, which makes me really angry (again = the absence of trash bins).
I know you're an arts girl. Does the city you live on inspire you on your creations? How?
I don't take my inspiration from Venice, just because it's very different from my aesthetic. The art, and the city itself, is all very old. But there are great exhibitions at times, and I love walking around them!

grace 2.PNG


What would be the best advice you could give to someone who's thinking of living in Venice?
1. You gotta love the water, cause boats is the only public transport there is.
2. You gotta love walking, cause there are no cars in Venice. It's so funny and shocking to me when people think there are cars on Venice. It shows me that people really have no clue what Venice ultimately is. (Not only tourists, but other italians too, if you can believe it!). Also, Venice is full of bridges so you'll be doing plenty of butt workouts hahhah.
3. You gotta love people and crowds, cause Venice is small, the streets are small, and the amount of people is insane. Walking through Venice is a stressful experience, and patience is a MUST.
4. You have to experience it for yourself, cause ultimately everyone has different tastes, and Venice is extremely unique, incredibly different from any other city you'll ever visit. 

grace 3.PNG

Thanks for being part of my new post series,Grace :)


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