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Feeling Christmas & How to bake sugar christmas cookies

santa-2999735_960_720.jpgI've realised over the years that Christmas is about,among other things, memories.The old ones and the ones on the making. There are various types of memories. No,let me start over.

Think about one good and cheerful thing that happened to you throughout this year. What do you remember? 

What happened?

The place?

The conversation?

What you saw?

And...What about what you smelled?


Don't you,ocasionally,happen to be somewhere in the middle of something and this amazing and familiar smell appears out of nowhere and takes you back to a certain time?

That's what I want you to remember on this post.

Senses were always a very awakening thing to me.Sight wise,I observe a lot and so,due to that,I have lots of déjà vu 's.I like to touch things when I'm in new places. For example,in London,I was constantly touching the walls or the phone cabines. And why,may you ask? Well,aren't memories about reality? (I know you can have memories created in dreams,but let's just skip those ones). It just makes things more...real,if that makes any kind of sense.

But...nonetheless,olfact and taste are the ones I want to dwell on today.

Do you know the expression " It smells like Christmas",which we,apart from say it when this season is aproaching,usually say it when a person is roasting or baking something you usually eat in this season and,due to that,you have associated it to Christmas? It's part of your Christmas memories,right? You can feel the most wonderful time of the year.

That's why today I'm going to teach you how to bake the famous christmas sugar cookies,that will bring up your senses and make you inner and outer me smile. Let's smell Christmas,shall we?


How to bake christmas sugar cookies


I've searched through various blogging platforms and,of course,youtube,for the best recipe! Therefore,I've found some of the best posts and cooking videos that will guide you onto marvellous baking :)



Classic Christmas Sugar Cookie Cutouts



How has your December been?


See ya soon,



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