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What makes your heart pound? - Katy who

What makes your heart pound?

That's the question I always ask all around the world,because we're not just united by airplanes,trains or the fact we're all on the same planet and see the same moon when we look up to the sky at night. We're all linked by our passions.

Therefore,and that being said,I decided to interview Katy,an amazing writer and photographer from England nowadays travelling upon her dreams up on a van about her passions and,of course,what it is like to live in the u.k.

katy's interview cover.jpg















1 - Who are you? 
My name is Katy and I work under the pseudonym "Katy Who", an accidental name that has become a part of my identity online. I am a 23-year old writer, photographer, adventurer, dog-lover and book-collector from Lancashire in England.


2 - How did you discover that photographing and writing were your passions? 

I think they were my passions before I even knew they were. Growing up, I wanted to be many things, including a vet, an actress, a singer, a police detective and so many other things. It was only a little later in life, in my mid-to-late teens, that I discovered that the little poems I wrote, the stories that lived in my head and the narratives I created with a camera were talents. Once I realised that, it felt natural to pursue them. Even through all of this, I never really expected to be able to forge a career from writing or photography, and up until about 18 months ago, I was still intending to study for a PhD, and then to research and lecture in universities. Fate had other ideas and I found myself unable to secure funding to study for another three years, and then I was unable to secure a full-time job using the skills I'd learned from my English Literature bachelors and masters degrees. Those set-backs opened up opportunities I would never have seen if I had been successful in the routes I originally planned for myself
3 - I believe you're writing a fantasy novel. How did you find out that genre was the perfect one for you? 
I am! I mainly read fantasy novels, or novels with a magical or fantastical theme within them. It's a genre I love to read about and that translates to the subjects I like to write about, too. My subjects are always whimsical, I love to write about daring adventures and windswept landscapes, I am fascinated by the many forms magic can take within literature and writing within a world where anything and everything is possible is completely addictive. I read and I write for the same purpose: to escape reality and nurture my imagination. The fantasy genre, for me, is the ideal place to exist both as a reader and a writer. That isn't to say however that I won't venture away from that genre for some of my novels... I already have a solid idea for a contemporary adventure-romance YA novel, and I'd love to break into the historical genre as well. I've always thought that one day I'd write a story about a trailblazing viking or maybe rewrite an old film like Calamity Jane but give it a modern, feminist twist. 



4 - How do you do deal with writer's block? 
This is an interesting one, as of course writer's block happens to the best of us. However, one of my all-time favourite authors, Philip Pullman, once said: "Habit has written more books than talent ever has". That has resonated with me ever since I read it. It means that the simple act of sitting down to write, even for 15 minutes or an hour, every single day, is the best way to combat writer's block. If your brain is in the habit of producing words, then it will continue to find those words, even when you think you're struggling. I often find that writing something entirely different from my Work In Progress (WIP) novel, whether it's a poem or a little character study, helps my brain reengage with the creative process needed to continue my work. If that doesn't work, I get away from my desk, I head out for a walk in nature, and then I come back and read a book by an author I admire. 


5 - What inspires you?
Nature, folklore, fairy tales, adventure/travel, dusty bookshops, open roads, Pinterest boards filled with gorgeous pictures, mythology, birdsong, movie soundtracks, traditional celtic music, and so many other things! 



6 - So, I know that you live in England. Does the country you live in inspire you in some way? If so, which/how? 
I do! Home is the northwest of England (or, it was. I'm currently down south converting a big old van into a campervan with my boyfriend and we'll be living in that, all over the UK and Europe for the next few years!). The UK has always inspired me greatly though, more so than anywhere else actually. The diversity of landscapes here is just absolutely stunning. There are thick forests, rugged coastlines dotted with lighthouses, sky-reaching mountains and glittering lakes. Scotland, especially, inspires me greatly. When I settle in a home of my own, there is nowhere else I can imagine myself living. Also, the UK has some fascinating history, heritage and folklore. You can wander around a lake in North Wales where King Arthur's sword, Excalibur, is supposed to be. There is a body of water in Derbyshire that is said to be home to a mischievous mermaid or "water-nymph". The Isle of Skye in Scotland is home to both the Fairy Pools and the Fairy Glen. And there are mystical stone circles just about everywhere, that are steeped in mystery and surrounded by tales of the druids. There really is a landscape or a historical monument to capture the imagination of anyone.



7 - Speaking of England,I have some readers which are really curious about  living there or in the uk in general. Therefore,I'd like to ask you: what's it like? 


As you can probably tell, I really love living in the UK in general. There is so much to see here, so many adventures to have. I have yet to visit many of the Scottish Isles, or any of the East Coast of England, and I've lived here my whole life. I would recommend it wholeheartedly! But, and this is quite a big problem at the moment, Brexit is proving challenging for many of us. Until that is resolved, it is hard to say whether the UK would be the best place to live for everyone. :-( Hopefully it can be resolved and the UK can remain a lovely, friendly and desirable place for people from all walks of life!
What about you? What makes your heart pound? Where are you from? :)
Katy's instagram | Katy's blog

Bedroom decor ideas for 2019

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Com 2019 já presente há 13 dias,uma pessoa começa um processo de reflexão sobre este ano.

Há quem lhe chame "preparação para 2019", "definição de metas para o ano novo"...

Nomes há muitos,mas a base é a mesma: Reavaliar as nossas prioridades,estabelecer objetivos para este ano e prepararmo-nos para as mudanças previsíveis. 

Vá,digam-me lá. Toda a gente é atingida por esta brisa fresca de novidade, por estas 365 (agora 352) páginas em branco por escrever,não é? Exatamente.

Tenho reparado que muita gente canaliza esta vontade e energia para tranformação e transmissão da mudança psicológica em mudança física: Remodelações. 

É aplicado o seguinte lema:

Clean space,clear mind.

ou,neste caso,

New space,new mindset.

Por isso,e para vos ajudar na decoração para a remodelação e consequente nascimento de um ambiente fresco e totalmente novo,hoje trago-vos ideias baseadas em variados temas para quartos.


With 2019 already here for about 13 days,one starts a reflexation process about this year.
Some call it “ 2019 prep”,others “setting goals for the new year”…
There all A LOT of names,but they all are based on the same thing: Reevaluating our priorities,estabillishing goals for this year and prepping for expected changes.
Comme on,tell me. Everyone gets struck by this fresh novelty breeze,by these 365 (now 352) white pages waiting for us to write on,isn’t it? Exactly.
I’ve been noticing that lots of people channel this will and energy to the tranformation and transmission of the psicological change into physical change: Remodeling and renovations.
Here we behold the following motto:

Clean space,clear mind.

or,in this case,

New space,new mindset.

Therefore,and to help you on the decor for the renovation and birth of a fresh and totally new environment,today I have some ideas based on various themes for bedrooms.



Take me to Hawaii





"Plant your own garden and decorate your soul"













E vocês,já mudaram alguma coisa no vosso espaço? :)


What about you? Have you already changed anything on your space? :)


See ya soon,


Vamos ganhar inspiração para cozinhar? | Verde & Saudável

Vamos ser muito honestos aqui: Meus amigos que por cá andam na blogosfera,quantas vezes é que se sentiram inspirados,mas verdadeiramente inspirados para cozinhar este ano?

Não,não estou a falar de um mero e efémero sentimento de "Hum,hoje apetece-me petiscar qualquer coisa". Está aqui a ser posta em questão a vontade fugaz de criar uma refeição,experimentar,brincar com a capacidade de transformação dos alimentos,combinação de sabores,propriedades biomoleculares possíveis e imaginárias.

Pois. É. Eu também não.

Contam-se pelos dedos a minha vontade de o fazer,que de vontade não passa. 

Mas meus caros leitores do outro lado do ecrã,hoje é o dia em que mudamos este nosso hábito unidirecional e procrastinador. É hoje!

Apresento-vos duas pessoas especiais que descobri devido à existência da internet. Ambas youtubers e bloggers e, embora separadas por aproximadamente 1700 quilómetros,o seu amor pelo veganismo e pela confeção aproxima-as: Sadia Badiei,autora da plataforma Pick Up Limes e nutricionista especializada na área de dieta humana (não,não é naquilo de perder peso,mas sim no ramo e âmbito da nutrição e alimentação humanas),e a Francisca,autora do Green Delights,licenciada em biologia e a realizar atualmente um mestrado em bioquímica.

Se estiverem sem inspiração para preparar uma refeição,com a vantagem desta ser saudável e vegan,aconselho-vos a darem uma espreitadela a estes dois cantinhos. Vão ver que vão logo querer agarrar em tachos e panelas e cozinhar pelo dia fora!









E vocês? Já conheciam estas bloggers/youtubers? Têm mais alguma sugestão? Contem-me tudo! :)


See ya soon,



Ps: Sadia e Francisca,que tal umas dicas de food photography aqui para a maltinha? :P

Feeling Christmas & How to bake sugar christmas cookies

santa-2999735_960_720.jpgI've realised over the years that Christmas is about,among other things, memories.The old ones and the ones on the making. There are various types of memories. No,let me start over.

Think about one good and cheerful thing that happened to you throughout this year. What do you remember? 

What happened?

The place?

The conversation?

What you saw?

And...What about what you smelled?


Don't you,ocasionally,happen to be somewhere in the middle of something and this amazing and familiar smell appears out of nowhere and takes you back to a certain time?

That's what I want you to remember on this post.

Senses were always a very awakening thing to me.Sight wise,I observe a lot and so,due to that,I have lots of déjà vu 's.I like to touch things when I'm in new places. For example,in London,I was constantly touching the walls or the phone cabines. And why,may you ask? Well,aren't memories about reality? (I know you can have memories created in dreams,but let's just skip those ones). It just makes things more...real,if that makes any kind of sense.

But...nonetheless,olfact and taste are the ones I want to dwell on today.

Do you know the expression " It smells like Christmas",which we,apart from say it when this season is aproaching,usually say it when a person is roasting or baking something you usually eat in this season and,due to that,you have associated it to Christmas? It's part of your Christmas memories,right? You can feel the most wonderful time of the year.

That's why today I'm going to teach you how to bake the famous christmas sugar cookies,that will bring up your senses and make you inner and outer me smile. Let's smell Christmas,shall we?


How to bake christmas sugar cookies


I've searched through various blogging platforms and,of course,youtube,for the best recipe! Therefore,I've found some of the best posts and cooking videos that will guide you onto marvellous baking :)



Classic Christmas Sugar Cookie Cutouts



How has your December been?


See ya soon,



PLAYLIST | Fall / Rainy-day songs for getting you in the autumn mood


Hey hey!


So,as you might have slightly noticed,we're just in the middle of the fall season. Crazy,ugh? I feel like October is passing by so fast!

In a blink,we're almost in Halloween. Whaaaattt??

Today,I'm here to share with you some of the songs that I've gotten me in the autumn mood (and let me tell you,it has been kinda tough,since in Portugal we still have temperatures of around 27 ºC). However,we've had some colder and rainier days that have made me wear my boots,put my headphones on (an aside: they just got bitten and destroyed by my one of my dogs yesterday. Oh,Jesus.) and listen to some calm, autumnal music. 

Here you have some suggestions!


- Pride & Prejudice - Your hands are cold

Who doesn't love Jane Austen's stories? Well,I certainly do,since this is one of my favourite movies. The scenarios,the story itself,the romance (ugh* ugh* and Mr. Darcy ugh* ugh*). This song in particular,which is part of the film's soundtrack,just teleports me somewhere else,makes me think about life and puts me in a calm,relaxe,d state of mind.


Ludovico Einaudi - Nuvole Bianche


A beautiful piano masterpiece by Ludovico Einaudi.


Something Wild - From the movie " Pete's Dragon ".



Fall compilation


Almost 1h30m of songs that remind you of fall.





So,what are your plans for halloween? :)


See you soon,



Festas de Outono | Autumn parties


 Se há uma coisa que não posso negar, é que cozinhar não é um dos meus talentos. O meu arroz fica paposo, os meus bifes ficam demasiado passados e a minha especialidade é mesmo a batata com atum. Sou um verdadeiro Jamie Oliver. 24 kitchen,onde estás?


Mas por mais voltas que eu dê ao nome da minha batata com atum em lata temperado com azeite e vinagre, não consigo fazer disso um menu para uma festa de Outono ( Como por exemplo fall backyard parties,de aniversário,etc...)

Como qualquer blogger que se preze, já procurei receitas online, vi vídeos no Youtube e fiquei com bastante fome só de ver os vídeos do Tasty. Parece tudo tão simples… mas onde raio é que vou encontrar xarope de agave em Portugal que não me custe mais do que um almoço num restaurante / café?


Já experimentei algumas receitas mesmo, mesmo simples. Geralmente, não tem nada a ver com o resultado dos vídeos. Os vegetais que eles fazem na “slow cooker” ficam crus. As coisas que grelho ficam queimadas. Acabo sempre por desistir e aquecer uma pizza no microondas. Não há nada de errado com uma festa de pizzas, ou há? Thought so.


Mas como todos os problemas têm que ter uma solução - e a solução está sempre online! - também já sei o que fazer nos jantares e festas de Outono e / ou o que recomendar aos meus amigos caso lhes surja um evento mais importante e complexo. A solução para os meus problemas, estão a ver, é contratar um serviço de catering. " Estás louca? Mas isso não é muito caro? Onde raio vais encontrar um serviço de catering? "

A resposta para as duas primeiras perguntas é não. A resposta para a terceira é: Fixando.


Recentemente recebi um email da Fixando a apresentar-se como uma nova plataforma de contratação de serviços. Basicamente, vocês procuram pelo serviço que querem, respondem a umas perguntinhas e depois começam a receber propostas. Nunca aceitem uma proposta antes de ler os orçamentos de todos os profissionais, porque a primeira proposta nem sempre é a mais competitiva. Se quiserem experimentar, podem procurar um catering para eventos em Lisboa e deliciar os vossos convidados com algo mais do que batatas com atum e hambúrguer. You’re welcome!





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